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John Norman Collins: A Serial Killer Scrapbook

What is a serial killer?

Writer Views and Opinions
What is a serial killer?
Victims of John Norman Collins
Case Closed.
Past and Present
The People of the Trial

A serial killer is an individual who kills more than three people in a short period of time. Most of the time, the victims are of no relation, or affiliation with their killer.

There are three types of Serial Killers:

Thrill Seekers: These killers find thrill and excitement in confusing the law enforcement. They love to hear about themselves in the media, as if they were a celebrity. These killers are more organized, and they keep records on their killings.

Mission Oriented: These killers feel as if they are doing the world a favor by killing certain people that they feel we can do without.

Power and Control: This type of killer enjoys the terror and suffering of a victim, more than the actual taking of a

John Norman Collins was a killer with the Power and Control characteristics.

John Norman Collins being carried away after being arrested

Collins at Eastern Michigan University

Modus Operandi- The motive, or "driving force" of something.

Collins' modus operandi was undetermined.