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John Norman Collins: A Serial Killer Scrapbook

Victims of John Norman Collins

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What is a serial killer?
Victims of John Norman Collins
Case Closed.
Past and Present
The People of the Trial

The first body found was that of Mary Fleszar,19,from Willis, Michigan, on August 1, 1967. She was reported missing on July 9, 1967, without a trace. fifteen-year-olds Russell Crisovan, Jr.,and Mark Lucas and found her by the side of the road. They were working on the farm, when they heard a car drive away, and smelled something foul. They went over to the area, and the car was gone. They found a shapeless carcass, with various types of bugs and flies all over it. They called the police, who later indentified the body as human. The body had no clothes, and wa lying on its side with its face down. Fingers on one hand were gone. The corpse had no feet, and was dead for about a month from that date. She had been stabbed about thirty times in the chest, she was apparently brutally beaten. The body was said to have been moved about three times, whether by animals or by her killer. A plastic sandal was found my the crime scene, and identified as Fleszar's by her mother. Her remains were taken to a funeral home.

Joan Schell, 20, from Plymouth, Michigan was the next body found, about a year after Fleszar's body was found. She went missng on June 30, 1968, and was found on July 7, 1968. She was an art major at Eastern Michigan University. She was hitch-hiking around 10:30 pm in fron t of the student union, and she was seen getting into the car with three young men. She was later found in Ann Arbor, stabbed five times, throat slashed, and her miniskirt was tied around her neck. She was sexually molested.

The next body found was that of Maralynn Skelton. SHe was 16 years old when she was murdered. She was a high school dropout, and wandered around town while other girls her age were doing better things. She was last seen hitch-hiking on Mach 24, 1968, in front if the Arborland Shopping center. SHe had been horribly beaten, and her skull was cracked in three different places. She appeared to be killed in some other location, and dumped near Glacier Way and Earhart Roads. She was sexually molested, and a garter belt was fastened around her neck.

Alice Kalom of Potage, Michigan, was last seen on June 7, 1969 at a party at the Depot house in Ann Arbor. She was dancing with a young man with long hair. She was a University of Michigan graduate of fine arts. She was found shot in the head, stabbed in the chest, raped, and clothes scattered all over her body. Her shoes were missing. Her body was found near Territorial Road and US 23 close an abandoned barn, but she was killed somewhere else. She was 23 years old.

Roxie Phillips went missing on June 30, 1969, when she went out to mail a letter and meet a friend. SHe was found on July 13 in Pescadero Canyon by some boys looking for fossils. She had a belt tied around her neck and was severely decomposed. SHe was found amoung some poison oak, which also served as evidence that Collins, was, in fact, her killer. He has been treated in California that week for a poison oak rash. Collins was reported to be driving a silver Oldsmobile.

Twenty- three year old Jane Mixer from Muskegon, Michigan allegedly was meeting a "David Johnson" to drive her home on March 20, 1968. The next day, on March 21, she was found in a cemetary in Denton Township. She was shot in the head with a .22 caliber gun. She was fully clothed, arising some speculation that she was not one of Collins' victims. All the other victims were found closer to another area, but Collins' signature neck strangulation was present on this body.

Dawn Basom, 13, was found near Gale and Vreeland Roads on April 16, 1969. She was last seen the day before leaving a house close to Eastern Michigan University. She was strangled with a black electrical cord, and official believed she was killed in the barn where her clothes were found, and she was moved to where she was found. She was in thr eighth grade, the youngest of all victims of John Norman Collins. She was from Ypsilanti, MI.

Eileen Adams was kidnapped from Toledo, Ohio in December 1967, and found south of Ypsilanti, Michigan, hometown of previous victim, Dawn Basom. She was strangled with some from of electrical cord, and raped. Her body was stuffed into a sack, and like a previous victim, her bra was tied around her neck. A three-inch nail was hammered into her skull.

Karen Sue Bieneman, 18, was from Grand Rapids, Michigan. This was her first year at EMU taking summer classes. She was seen on July 23,1969 accepting a ride on a motorcycle from a man she did not know. She sent a letter to her parents assuring them that she would be careful. She was found off Riverside Drive near Huron River Drive strangled, beaten, and in the nude. She, like most of Collins' other victims, was killed elsewhere. This was the last body found before Collins' was caught, and evidence found on her led to his conviction.