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John Norman Collins: A Serial Killer Scrapbook
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John Norman Collins: The Co-Ed Killer

John Norman Collins was born on June 17, 1947, in Center Line, Michigan. His father abandoned him, and left his mother as a single parent. She then remarried an abusive alcoholic, for whom John took his last name. She then divorced him when John was four years old.
He was described as a polite, yet timid young man as a child. Me made good grades, and played sports. He attended St. Clements High School, where he was an honors student, tri-captain of the football team, president of the C-Club, and star pitcher on the baseball team. He dated regularly, many of the people who knew him said he was "quiet", "polite", "respectful" and "nice". However, his girlfriends claimed that he was angry most of the time. He was sexually aggresive, which was a possible killing motive of his.
He went to Eastern Michigan University, to study education. He was president of the ski club, played other sports, and was part of the Theta Chi fraternity. He was forced to leave the fraternity, on suspicions of stealing.
He has a part-time job at EMU's McKenny Union as a clerk. He lived with his mother, then later moved and shared a home with a man.
Collins had a petty criminal record. He stole things just for fun. He had four motorcycles, of which all of them were running on stolen parts.
In college, professors accused him of cheating. He was supposed to graduate in 1969, but he was 24 credits short, and he never bothered to take them over the summer. It seemed as though he was in no hurry to get out of school.
It was when he was 22 years old at Eastern Michigan University when he was arrested for the murder of Karen Sue

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